Creative Welcome Drinks and Snacks


Sherrytree will always leave a lasting impression

Sherrytree for Weddings

Sherrytree will be right in the eye of your guests and it will be their first and lasting impression of your wedding

Find out how you can use a Sherrytree as a creative welcome station

Sherrytree for your Company

Sherrytree can be served in the colours of your company, leaving the impression that your guests are drinking on your company.

Always leaving a lasting impression

Sherrytree in rural Africa

Find out how Sherrytree will stand out and amaze everyone in far off places anywhere in South Africa.

Use the Sherrytree as a Shootertree or a Juice tree, a Champagne tree or a Cocktail Tree

The sherrytree conservation project

Conservation is our top priority. The trees used as a Sherry Tree or a Shooter Tree, are in fact a highly protected tree, the Witgat, Motopi or Boscia Albitrunca, also known as the “tree of life” or the “Shepherds tree”.

Many plant eating animals live off it and some insect species complete their life cycle on the tree. The Shepherds Tree is a very slow growing tree and we estimate that some of the trees we work with, were more than a thousand years old before dying.